Questions and Our Answers

Questions and Our Answers

How do I book you for our special event?

When you say yes, I will send you a contract; all you need to do is sign and send back with a check within 10 days.

Will you be the DJ for our event?

Before we even send the contract, you will know who your DJ will be at your event.

May we meet with you in person before we sign the contract?

Yes, we highly encourage meeting in person. We will show you on paper exactly how everything is done.

How do we "Book or Save The Date”?

We book and “Save the Date" for your event when the contract is signed.

Can we request our own songs and have them played when we want?

Absolutely! We also have a lot of songs on the website to choose from.

Have you played at our reception site before?

Yes and No, we have been performing all over the state for many years.  If we have not played at your event site we will call and introduce ourselves to the venue manager and make sure we know where to unload and where we are setting up.  It's usually very simple, just put a 6ft table where you want the DJ to be.

Can you help us with the ceremony and reception?

Certainly!  When hired we will send you what is called the "Wedding Reception Agenda Planning Form".  This covers all the events starting with the ceremony, then leading right through the reception.  All you're doing is just picking songs and deciding where you want them.

NOTE: 151 Entertainment will work with you and EMCEE all the formalities at the reception.

Can we meet again before the wedding?

Yes, as many times as it takes to get all your details for your event correct.

When do we need to have everything done and back to our DJ?

10 days out from the event.  Most of the time we send all the information at least 3 months in advance.

Can we call your references?

Tough question because no one wants their phone number handed out, SO go to our web page and read what past clients have said about 151 Entertainment.  

When will you arrive to set up?

Most of the time we show up at least 2 hour before the start of the event. It also depends on the type of package we're doing.

What do you include in the cost of the event?

It depends on the type of package you have chosen for your event.

How much is overtime?

Overtime is $75.00 per hour, and will be discussed and sent with the contract.  

Do you take any breaks?

Depends on the location and client, but normally NO, DJ's do not take breaks.

Do you have a wireless microphone & Light show?

Yes, the use of the wireless microphone & light show is decided in the meeting. 

Do you TIP the DJ?

This is 100% up to the client.  Tipping is a privilege, not a right.

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