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So what happened? Many schools fall victim to the cheap DJ service that offers a less than adequate sound system, limited or unedited music library, poor lightshow (if any), inexperienced DJ, or someone who is "just doing it on the side." Hiring a cheap DJ service can have lasting effects on school dances. Not only can the dance be ruined, but also the fate of future dances. If the students weren't happy at the dance, they may not attend future dances affecting the profit level.

151 Entertainment
When planning your Prom, don't fool around with backyard DJ's or companies that are just breaking into the industry by offering the lowest price while providing you with cheap equipment and a small lighting package. This is a once in a lifetime event, and if YOU are the Prom Planner, this event will directly reflect on you and your planning committee!

From our Basic Prom DJ package to our 151 Entertainment Ultimate Package, we are sure to have a package for every type of school and every budget. Below is a sample of our most requested Ultimate Package:

Why choose 151 Entertainment?
Our experience, equipment & talent!! Plus knowing when to speak into the mic and when not to has made us a popular choice for teen events that hate a "cheesy DJ"! Hosting over 100,000 songs with Incredible Music’s…we have it all right here!

151 Entertainment Sound, Heart Thumping Bass, Club Lights, Laser Show, Projection Screens, Logo Lights, Up- Lighting & More have made us one of the most requested DJ company in Kansas for Proms and large School Functions!

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Edited music, light show, professional and interactive event Emcee
Looking for a professional event host for your next pep-rally? Or possibly just some additional sound reinforcement and lighting effects for your big school event.

  As a mobile DJ for a Prom, High School Dances or Middle School Dance having the right playlist can get your crowd on the dance floor all night for an exciting evening of fun. We have over 10,000 music videos in inventory for to keep the party exciting and interactive. As the main highlight of the night the DJ has to keep the students pumped and interested in the music. Doing things to interact with your crowd and playing specific songs you know will have their hands in the air is what the party is all about. To maximize your night and keep the kids busy we need to have a series of fun dance songs and group participation songs. We also provide Karaoke, it’s always a fun alternative to just listening to the music. We put the singer in the spotlight and creating a fun atmosphere for everyone to enjoy. We specialize in making the party happen, with fun interactive music that keep the night flowing. A contest with a few small giveaways can also engage your audience. Students at the middle and high school level want a night club experience but aren't old enough to actually go out to one. Bringing that experience to them makes 151 Entertainment stand out as the DJ Company to call for making the party happen.  

  I have compiled a great list of the top songs to make any school dance a night to remember. 151 Entertainment DJ’s will mix it up for the younger crowd from the begging of the night until the last song is played. We don't want to play any type of music all night; we want to play all types of music to accommodate everyone attending the event. Mixing back and forth will keep all your young guests happy. Most schools enjoy the club style music such as David Guetta, LMFAO, Flo Rida, etc. They also enjoy fist pumping, jumping up and down and doing a lot of interactive songs. Another great idea is incorporate some other styles of music such as country (if you have some country fans) possibly a couple of Latin songs (salsa or merengue) and anything else that will appeal to a mixture of people. We always pay attention to the audience and if a song doesn't go over well then we mix or fade out of it.

Video Music DJ

A Video DJ can make your party come alive. Amazing visuals, music videos, custom text, and much more is possible!  151 Entertainment can display your school mascot, Homecoming King & Queen, birthday wishes or any messages across the screen. Video Mixing is a service that we provide to our clients who would like to add extra visual appeal to their school event. Videos to the songs that are being played on your dance floor can be output through a video feed to our TV(s), or use one or two of our HD projectors to shine video onto a 10’ X  7’ wide projector screen or onto any video screen or white wall. Very few mobile DJs in the Mid-West offer this club-style service. 151 Entertainment will bring the club vibe to your school dance, and the music videos are updated every two weeks. It’s the same smooth mixing you have come to know from 151 Entertainment, now with a visual enhancement! Music videos range from current top 40, new wave 80s, 90s 2000s, current hip-hop, and even Latin Music, etc. We mix music videos continuously with Pioneer digital turntables. The videos are mixed and blended together in beat matched sets, just like you’d normally expect when you attend any concert. You’ll hear and enjoy a continuous audio mix synced to the music video and you can get that blended with other clips.

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