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Fun with Disposable Cameras
More and more newlyweds and other party planners are having one disposable camera available on each dinner table. Not only do these cameras provide guests with something extra to do, they can capture pictures that photographers simply may not have time to get! Advise guests before your event to use the cameras to take candid pictures of informal and humorous themes. Leave the serious and formal portraits to the professional photographers! Also, have a collection basket on the gift or guest book table for people to return the cameras after all the exposures have been taken.

Stay In Touch With Your Wedding/Party Vendors
For your own peace of mind, it is usually a good idea for you to contact your wedding/party
vendors on a monthly basis prior to your event. Keep a running list of things to discuss during
these communications.

Don't Micro-Manage Everything!
Listen to the suggestions from your wedding professionals (caterer, photographer, videographer, DJ). These experts can offer solid advice based on many years of experience at wedding ceremonies and receptions. They have first-hand knowledge! They can also probably recommend other vendors to Brides and Grooms based on their professional experiences with these people.

Stay Calm
It not a surprize that on the Wedding Day, many newlyweds are very nervous. The following suggestions are offered as a possible remedy: Simplify your Wedding Day plans. The more small details that you include...the better the chance that something will go wrong! Don't worry about the small stuff! Leave the important details to your Wedding Day professionals (officiate, photographer, caterer, disc jockey, etc.). Arrange for a calm individual to handle last minute details on your wedding day.  Enjoy a bubble bath/massage the day before your wedding. Take an entire day off from work and let the wedding planning work during the week of your wedding. Plan to smile, laugh, and enjoy your wedding day. Take as many pictures as possible prior to the wedding ceremony to allow more free/fun time afterwards, champagne/alcohol/herbal tea/etc.

Reception Seating Plans
Have you even been to a wedding where the Disc Jockey is located directly behind several tables including the Grandparents of the bride or groom? If this does happen, you will generally hear complaints because they are literally next to the music and sound all day or evening. During dinner this can be especially harsh since this is normally a time for background music and should not be interfering with regular conversation.
Prioritize Fun Over Perfection
Remember Murphy's Law. You should plan that something unexpected will happen! Examples are that your wedding ceremony might begin later than expected, the meal might not be available exactly on time, someone's drunk uncle may try to cut into the buffet line, etc. If a party planner prioritizes fun over everything needing to be perfect, none of these inconveniences will really matter! This means they will also have less stress and more happy memories at their special event!

Be Flexible
Substitute the word "flexible" for the word "fun" in the above paragraph.

Choose Wedding and Party Professional
Asking Aunt Bertha or Uncle Louie to photograph, videotape, bring food, or provide music entertainment at a wedding reception or party might save money in the short run... but remember the old rule of thumb, you get what you pay for (at least most of the time). By hiring wedding and party professionals, there is more assurance that everything will be done correctly. By giving these same professionals the freedom to do what they are professionally trained to do, they will instinctively know how to react under both normal and unusual conditions.
Work Only With Written Contracts and Agreements
An oral agreement is only worth the paper it is written on! What if a catering director promises one thing, and then quits to work at another location down the street? How will his/her replacement learn of the details that were carefully planned if there are no written agreements? Be consumer smart. Get all agreements in writing on a contract, piece of paper, or fax, with an original signature.